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Graphic that reads "Booking Ahead: A year's worth of reading themes."

Booking Ahead is Beaverton City Library’s year-long reading program!

Each month, read or listen to a book that fits the monthly theme. Submit an entry for every month you complete to be entered into monthly prize drawings. All entries will also be included in a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the year.

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Scroll through to see each month's theme for Adult Booking Ahead

January: Read The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jamie Ford, our One Book, One Beaverton 2024 selection!

Tip: Join us for related events during the month of January and the author event on Feb. 10. Learn more.

February: Read a book that has been featured on a “Best Books of 2023” list.

Tip: Check out NPR's yearly best books list "Books We Love."

March: Read a nonfiction book about nature or the environment.

Tip: Search the library catalog for the keywords “nature, nonfiction” to find some good possibilities. Or search for a specific topic that you’re interested in (birds, climate change, trees, fungi, etc.).


April: Read a book that features a main character who is a refugee. 

Tip: Check out Tacoma Public Library's list “A Book that Centers a Refugee Experience” for some ideas.

May: May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Read a book that is set in a Pacific Island country or a country on the continent of Asia.

Tip: Search online for booklists by typing “fiction” or “nonfiction” and the name of the country you’re interested in reading about. You many also add a genre like “mystery,” “historical fiction,” or “fantasy.”


June: Read a non-fiction graphic novel. 

Tip: Search online for the New York Magazine article “The Best Graphic Novels and Memoirs, According to Experts” to get some ideas. 

Don't forget - Adult Summer Reading starts June 1!

July: Read a book that is set in a small town (fiction or non-fiction). 

Tip: Browse some of the lists found here in our catalog.

August: Read a novel with a person’s name in the title. 

Tip: Check out Tacoma Public Library's list "A Book with a Person's Name in the Title" for some ideas.

September: School is back in session! Read a book that takes place at a school / academy / university. 


Tip: Read LitHub’s article “The 60 Best Campus Novels from the Last 100 Years” to get some ideas. 


October: Read a fiction or non-fiction book that features artificial intelligence (AI).

Tip: Browse through thesGoodReads lists with books tagged "AI".

November: Celebrate Native American Heritage month! Read a book by an Indigenous author. 

Tip: Check out the Powell's Bookstore list "Native American Heritage Month Books."

December: It’s the holiday season! Read a book that features your favorite holiday (fiction or non-fiction).

Tip: Our friendly library staff is happy to help you find a book that fits this theme.


Scroll through to see each month's theme for Kids Booking Ahead

January: Read a book about weather.

Tip: Look in the juvenile non-fiction weather section.

February: Read a book with someone you love.

March: Read a book featuring one of your favorite characters.

Tip: Some character books are shelved under the character name.

Spring Break: Read a book about an animal you like.

Tip: Mammal books are shelved in the J 599's.

April: Read a book about or set in outer space.

Tip: Look for non-fiction in the J 520's.

May: Read a book before bedtime.

June: Start a new book series.  

Summer Reading: Read a book you found on the new book shelves.

July: Read a book with an experiment or art project in it, and then try it.

August: Listen to a book on CD, Playaway, or Wonder of Vox book.

September: Read a book with interesting facts in it.

Tip: Try looking for a Weird But True book.

October: Read a graphic novel.

Tip:  There are many reading levels in graphic novels.

November: Read a book with food in it.

Tip:  You can use a Bibliocommons list to help you find kids' books with food in them.

December: Read a mystery book.

Tip: You can browse chapter book shelves looking for books with a mystery sticker on the book spine.

Winter Reading: Read any book you'd like!