How do I get training?
On your first day, you will receive training from your supervisor. Some positions require additional training which will ideally coincide with your regular weekly shift.

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1. What time commitment is expected of me as a volunteer?
2. What if I only want to volunteer for a couple of weeks?
3. Do I have to have a set schedule?
4. How old do I need to be before I can volunteer?
5. Does the Library accept Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers?
6. I need to complete Service Learning and/or Community Service for my school. Can I volunteer at the library to complete those hours?
7. Can my group do a project with the library?
8. How do I get training?
9. Once I become a volunteer, may I use the Library as a reference?
10. I’m interested in volunteer evenings or weekends. Is that needed?
11. I need to complete a practicum for my community college, college or graduate program. Does the library offer these opportunities?
12. How do I get started?
13. Other questions?