My child is just starting to read. What books should I get and where are they?

There are books made just for kids who are starting to learn how to read on their own, we call them Early Readers (ER). At the Beaverton City Library, we keep Early Readers in Children's area of the library on the left side-- opposite the picture books. You might notice that some of these ER books have levels on them, like Level 1, or Step 1. These levels are assigned by the publisher and are not standardized across all ER books. At the Beaverton City Library we place blue "Easy Book" stickers on the books that are especially good for the earliest early readers. Another great place to look for books for your new reader is in the Juvenile Graphic Novel collection in between the Juvenile paper back series books and the rest of Juvenile Fiction. Graphic Novels have been shown to help kids think about reading in new ways, and get lots of information from a page. Be sure to remember to keep reading aloud to your child even when he or she can read on their own. Continuing to read aloud together throughout childhood builds vocabulary, learning, establishes a love of reading, and helps to build that special bond of shared experiences that carry throughout your child’s life.

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5. My child is just starting to read. What books should I get and where are they?
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