Walkable Solar System

Journey through space this summer! 

Beaverton City Library’s Walkable Solar System is a half-mile, scale model of our solar system through central and downtown Beaverton with stops along the way for each planet, starting at Beaverton City Library (the Sun) and ending at City Hall, The Beaverton Building (Neptune).

All ages and abilities are welcome

July 1 -  August 31: Start at Beaverton City Library to pick up your map and directions, then make your way to each of the 8 planets in our solar system to answer space related questions, while enjoying a pleasant journey through downtown Beaverton. 

Start on your own time, and take it at your own pace!

Beaverton City Library's Walkable Solar System, July- August 2019
Walkable Solar System Map

You will:

  • Get walking in Beaverton (or biking, or running, or rolling, or skating, or strolling, or skipping, or pogo-sticking)
  • Learn about our place in the Beaverton community 
  • Learn about our place in the solar system

Download map and walking directions in English [PDF]

Descargar mapa y direcciones a pie en español [PDF]

Want to make your own scale model of the solar system?

Explore University of Manatoba’s Scale Model of Our Solar System to overlay orbits over maps of your area. Look at your neighborhood, school, a local park, or even a state or country!

For a smaller scale model play around with Exploratorium’s Build a Solar System

Want more information about the Solar System?

Visit NASA’s Solar System Exploration for information about the Sun and planets of the solar system and so much more!

Thanks to our partners