Recommended Reads Grades 11-12

Great Reads for Teens in Grades 11 & 12
An image of The Poet X Book Cover.
The Poet X
Elizabeth Acevedo (YA ACEVEDO)
Writing poetry helps Xiomara understand her life. She struggles with her strict Catholic mother’s expectations, her familiar but troubled Harlem neighborhood and her newly found freedom and womanhood.
Image of The Wrath and the Dawn Book Cover.
The Wrath & the Dawn [Series]
Renee Ahdieh (YA AHDIEH)
Saga of Shahrzad and Khalid Series. In this reimagining of The Arabian Nights, “Shahrzad” plans to avenge the death of her dearest friend by volunteering to marry the murderous boy-king of Khorasan, but discovers not all is as it seems within the palace.
Image of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Book Cover.
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Sherman Alexie (YA ALEXIE)
When starting to attend school in a nearby town, Junior Spirit becomes a “part-time” Indian, torn between two identities.
Image of Impossible Knife of Memory Book Cover.
Impossible Knife of Memory
Laurie Halse Anderson (YA ANDERSON)
Hayley and her father move back to their hometown to try a “normal” life, but the war horrors he saw threaten to destroy that.
Image of The Handmaid's Tale Book Cover.
The Handmaid’s Tale
Margaret Atwood (YA ATWOOD)
Imagine a world where women’s bodies are controlled, and they are separated into strict classes…
Image of Red Queen Book Cover.
Red Queen [Series]
Victoria Aveyard (YA AVEYARD)
The common Red-blooded serve the Silver-blooded elite, who have superhuman abilities. But Mare, a Red, discovers she too has an ability, and leads the Red rebellion.
Image of Ready Player One Book Cover.
Ready Player One
Ernest Cline (YA CLINE)
In the not-so-distant future--the world has turned into a very bleak place, but luckily there is OASIS, a virtual reality world that is a vast online utopia.
Image of All The Light We Cannot See Book Cover.
All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr (FIC DOERR)
Marie-Laure and Werner’s lives are intricately interwoven as they cope with life in Europe during WWII. This is a story of the ways that people try to be good to one another against all odds.
Image of Neverwhere Book Cover.
Neil Gaiman (YA GAIMAN)
No good deed goes unpunished. Helping a bleeding girl plunges the ordinary Richard into London’s deadly underground.
Image of Giant Days Book Cover.
Giant Days [Graphic Novel] [Series]
John Allison (YA GN GIANT DAYS)
Susan, Esther, and Daisy started at university three weeks ago and became fast friends. Now, away from home for the first time, all three want to reinvent themselves. But things are about to get a little weird.
Image of The Fault In Our Stars Book Cover.
The Fault in Our Stars
John Green (YA GREEN)
The story of two ’kindred spirits’, Hazel and Augustus, who bond over their cancer afflictions and try to find meaning in it all. Warning: have tissues on-hand.
Image of To All The Boys I've Loved Before Book Cover.
To All The Boys I've Loved Before [Series]
Jenny Han (YA HAN)
Lara Jean writes love letters to all the boys she has loved and then hides them in a hatbox until one day those letters are accidentally sent.
Image of The You I've Never Known Book Cover.
The You I’ve Never Known
Ellen Hopkins (YA HOPKINS)
With both joy and fear, seventeen-year-old Ariel begins to explore her sexuality, while living with her controlling, abusive father who has told Ariel that her mother deserted her years ago.
Image of The Kite Runner Book Cover.
The Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini (YA HOSSEINI)
“I thought of the life I had lived until the winter of 1975 came along & changed everything. And made me what I am today.”
Image of Les Miserables Book Cover.
Les Miserables
Victor Hugo (YA HUGO)
The 19th century French convict Jean- Valjean struggles to escape his past and reaffirm his humanity in a world brutalized by poverty and ignorance.
An image of the Burn Baby Burn Book Cover.

Burn Baby Burn
Meg Medina (YA MEDINA)
It’s the unforgettable summer of 1977 in New York City. There is a record setting heat wave, the Son of Sam Killer, a citywide blackout; and 17-year-old Nora must face it all head on.

Image of Dumplin Book Cover.
Julie Murphy (YA MURPHY)
Willowdean is fat and that’s fine. But her real test of confidence is when she enters the local beauty pageant, oh horror...
Image of The Knife of Never Letting Go Book Cover.
The Knife of Never Letting Go [Trilogy]
Patrick Ness (YA NESS)
Chaos Walking Trilogy. All of the women are dead, and everyone’s thoughts—even their most intimate—are blasted loud and clear. Humanity seems doomed...but Todd finds a bubble of silence.
Image of Everything I Never Told You Book Cover.
Everything I Never Told You
Celeste Ng (YA NG)
The death of a teen girl from a mixed-race family in 1970s Ohio forces a once tight-knit family to unravel in unexpected ways.
Image of All the Bright Places Book Cover.
All the Bright Places
Jennifer Niven (YA NIVEN)
Theodore and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower, teetering on the edge, the start of an unlikely relationship; and deep desire to heal and save one another.
Image of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Book Cover.
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children [Trilogy]
Ransom Riggs (YA RIGGS)
Jacob comes to a mysterious, remote Welsh island that time seems to have forgotten. A ruined house holds odd black and white photos of strange children...and possible secrets of his family.
Image of Fangirl Book Cover.
Rainbow Rowell (YA ROWELL)
Cath is world renowned for her awesome Simon Snow fan fiction, but can make it in the real world in her first year of college?
Image of If I Was Your Girl Book Cover.
If I Was Your Girl
Meredith Russo (YA RUSSO)
Amanda Hardy only wants to fit in at her new school, but she is keeping a big secret, so when she falls for Grant, guarded Amanda finds herself yearning to share with him everything about herself, including her previous life as Andrew.
Image of The Inexplicable Logic of My Life Book Cover.
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
Benjamin Alire Saenz (YA SAENZ)
A story set on the American border with Mexico, about family and friendship, life and death, and one teen struggling to understand what his adoption does and doesn't mean about who he is.
Image of The Hate U Give Book Cover.
The Hate U Give
Angie Thomas (YA THOMAS)
After witnessing her friend's death at the hands of a police officer, Starr Carter's life is complicated when the police and a local drug lord try to intimidate her in an effort to learn what happened the night Kahlil died.
Image of The Sun is Also a Star Book Cover.
The Sun Is Also a Star
Nicola Yoon (YA YOON)
Natasha, whose family is hours away from being deported, and Daniel, a first generation Korean American who strives to live up to his parents' expectations, fall in love and must determine which path they’ll choose to be together.
An image of the Goodbye Days Book Cover.

Goodbye Days
Jeff Zentner (YA ZENTNER)
Some things you cannot take back. Like that text Carver sent to his friend while he was driving. Now Carver’s best friends are dead and it might be all his fault.

An image of the Falling Into Place Book Cover.

Falling Into Place
Amy Zhang (YA ZHANG)
One cold fall day, high school junior Liz Emerson steers her car into a tree. This haunting and heartbreaking story is told by a surprising and unexpected narrator and unfolds in nonlinear flashbacks even as Liz's friends, foes, and family gather at the hospital and Liz clings to life.

Image of American Street Book Cover.
American Street
Ibi Aanu Zoboi (YA ZOBOI)
When Fabiola's mother is detained upon their arrival to the United States, Fabiola must navigate her loud American cousins, the grittiness of Detroit's west side, and a new school, all on her own.


An image of The 57 Bus Book Cover.

The 57 Bus
Dashka Slater (364.1555 SLA)
Dashka Slater is an award winning journalist who offers an illuminating account of the attack on Sasha, a genderqueer teen, by Richard, an  African –American teen while riding on the 57 bus. The aftermath is both a cautionary and  inspiring tale.

Image of March Book One Book Cover.
March [Graphic Novel] [Trilogy]
John Lewis (YA GN 921 LEWIS)
A first-hand account of the author's lifelong struggle for civil and human rights spans his youth in rural Alabama, his life-changing meeting with Martin Luther King, Jr., and the birth of the Nashville Student Movement.