Internships and Practicums

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Photo of an intern sitting in a chair and reading. For more than a decade, the Beaverton City Library has been a local leader in providing teaching internships and practicums for students. We can provide you experience working directly with patrons, supervising teen volunteers, leading programs and more. Volunteer internships are generally 10 – 12 weeks in length with interns contributing 10 – 20 hours per week. We encourage library school, undergraduate, and high school students to apply.

Our internship and practicum opportunities are unpaid but the benefits are AMAZING! As an intern or practicum student at the Beaverton City Library, you will gain valuable professional skills, build your resume with meaningful work, earn a letter of recommendation and HAVE FUN!

Alumni of our internship program have found employment at the Beaverton City Library, Hillsboro Public Library, Multnomah County Library, Pendleton Public Library, Ledding Library, Cedar Mill Community Library, Beaverton School District, West Linn Public Library, Kingsport Public Library, Galesburg Public Library, and Tualatin Library.

Spring and Summer Internships

  • All practicum and internship candidates are encouraged to apply for our spring and summer internship opportunities.
  • We will work with school deadlines and parameters.
  • Successful candidates will have the option to select three additional learning opportunities within the division for which they are interning and/or another area of the library.

Completing Your Practicum with the Library

Photo of an intern and library staff as superheroes. We are committed to providing teaching opportunities for students interested in library work and have learning experiences in all departments of the library. Please note that we may need to limit how many practicums and internships we host over the course of a year. Again, all practicum students are encouraged to apply for our spring and summer internship opportunities.

How to Apply

Students interested in completing an unpaid Internship or Practicum with the Beaverton City Library should:
  • Complete the attached Internship Practicum Questionnaire
  • Complete a Beaverton City Library Volunteer Application. Please note that this application portal is not supported by Windows XP. Hard copy applications are available by request.
  • Forward a cover letter, updated resume and completed Internship Practicum Questionnaire to the Volunteer Manager at:
    Beaverton City Library
    Attn: Volunteer Manager
    12375 SW 5th Street
    Beaverton, OR 97005
Candidates should submit their application at least six weeks prior to an intended start date.
Please allow between 1-2 weeks for application processing and review. If an applicant passes an application review, the library Volunteer Manager will call to schedule an interview.

quoteMy internship experience was amazing! I really enjoyed working with the staff and volunteers and learned so much from everyone. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. — Neil, Murray Scholls Summer Intern, 2015