E-books for kids

You can check out books to read on your phone, tablet, e-reader, or computer! Check them out 24 hours a day, and take them on vacation with you.
Currently there are two virtual library branches for you to check out e-books for kids.
3M allows you to download popular e-books for all ages quickly and easily using the 3M Cloud Library app on your tablet, phone, PC or Mac. Access to great e-books, anytime, anywhere! You can even check out books right from the catalog.
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Library2Go (OverDrive) gives you access to downloadable e-books and audiobooks on your mobile device via the Overdrive app. Media can also be transferred from your computer to your e-book reader or mp3 player.
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You can also check out e-readers like Kindles, Kindle Paperwhites, and Nooks pre-loaded with popular titles for kids, teens, and adults. It's a great way to test out the e-readers at home, or get a whole bunch of great books to read on vacation. Find one today!

Web-based eBooks
Web-based Tumblebooks is another great resource for finding stories for kids online through the library.
Get access to National Geographic Kids articles, over 230 educational books, and National Geographic photographs in a kid-friendly interface.