Stuck in the Middle (Middle School)

Great reads for 6th - 8th Grades!
famous last words.jpg
Famous Last Words
Katie Alender (YA ALENDER)
Willa has just moved to California with her mother and her step-father when she starts to have visions, including a dead body in a swimming pool. Are these visions connected to a serial killer that is targeting young girls in Hollywood? (Grade 8+)
Chains [Trilogy]
Laurie Halse Anderson (YA ANDERSON)
The American Revolution is about to start, but Isabel still lives her life as a slave. Will the ‘freedom’ being fought for reach her? (Grades 6-10)
zombie baseball beatdown.jpg
Zombie Baseball Beatdown
Paolo Bacigalupi (YA Bacigalupi)
While at baseball practice, friends Rabi, Miguel, and Joe discover the evil workings of a nearby meatpacking plant have caused cows to turn into zombies. (Grade 5-9)
The Mostly True Story of Jack.JPG
The Mostly True Story of Jack
Kelly Barnhill (YA BARNHILL)
Jack isn’t thrilled about moving from San Francisco to a small Iowa town. Why does everyone in town seem to know him? Why do people go missing...and no one seems to have any memory that they existed? (Grades 5-8)
Artemis Fowl.jpg
Artemis Fowl [Series]
Eoin Colfer (YA COLFER)
Artemis is only twelve, but he’s a genius...and a millionaire...and, of course, a criminal mastermind. When he crosses the fairies trying to get a pot of gold, he’d better be ready for WAR. (Grades 5-8)
Anything But Typical.jpg
Anything But Typical
Nora Raleigh Baskin (YA BASKIN)
Jason is a high-functioning autistic sixth grader who writes brilliant stories and posts them online. Although he is not able to relate to ‘neurotypical’ teachers or kids at school, he finds himself drawn to “PhoenixBird,” a kindred creative writer. (Grades 4-7)
The Testing.JPG
The Testing [Trilogy]
Joelle Charbonneau (YA CHARBONNEAU)
Admission to college in this dystopian society requires that you pass a ‘testing,’ or trek across a ruined world loaded with monsters. This year, Cia has been chosen. (Grades 7+)
Out of My Mind.jpg
Out of My Mind
Sharon Draper (YA DRAPER)
Melody is a genius with a photographic memory—but she can’t tell anyone, because she is unable to walk, write, or even talk... (Grades 4-6)
Roald Dahl (J DAHL)
Sophie is kidsnatched from her orphanage by the BFG (the Big Friendly Giant) who spends his time delivering happy dreams to children. Together they make a plan to stop the man-eating giants that are terrorizing England.
(Grade 3-6)
Lost in the Sun.JPG
Lost in the Sun
Lisa Graff (YA GRAFF)
Trent is looking forward to a fresh start in middle school; he’s certain nothing could be as terrible as fifth grade. Will moving to a new grade really be the answer to all his problems? (Grades 4-8)
The Glass Sentence.JPG
The Glass Sentence [Series]
S.E. Grove (YA GROVE)
The world has been split by the great disruption of 1799. Thirteen-year-old Sophia finds herself on a quest across time and space to save her part magician, part mapmaker uncle from a dangerous religious sect. (Grades 6+)
Among the hidden.jpg
Among the Hidden [Series]
Margaret Peterson Haddix (YA HADDIX)
Shadow Children Series. In this society, having more than two children is illegal. You’re the third. (Grades 5-8)
Into the wild.jpg
Into the Wild [Series]
Erin Hunter (YA HUNTER)
The wildcat clans have lived in peace. Now their warrior ancestors speak of terrifying new prophecies & mysterious danger. (Grades 5+)
Carl Hiaasen (YA HIAASEN)
For Wahoo Crazy, life is a zoo—literally! Now he’s got a part on his dad’s crazy Survivor-esque reality show. When one of the cast members goes missing, the survival gets real. (Grades 6-8)
Savvy [Has a Sequel]
Ingrid Law (YA LAW)
If you’re a Beaumont, your 13th birthday means that you get a cool magical power. (Grades 4-7)
A Wrinkle in Time Graphic Novel.JPG
A Wrinkle in Time [Graphic Novel]
Madeleine L’Engle (YA GN L’ENGLE)
Meg and Charles Wallace Murry, along with their friend Calvin O’Keefe, travel across the universe to save the siblings’ father from the evil It. (Grades 5+)
The Giver.jpg
The Giver [Series]
Lois Lowry (YA LOWRY)
How can a world with no poverty, crime or sickness be such a nightmare? (Grades 6-9)
Wildwood [Trilogy]
Colin Meloy (YA MELOY)
The Wildwood Chronicles Trilogy. When Prue’s brother gets kidnapped by crows and disappears into the magical forest near Portland, she undertakes the adventure of a lifetime to save him. (Grades 3-7)
The Apothecary.JPG
The Apothecary
Maile Meloy (YA MELOY)
It’s 1952, and Janie moves from the United States to London. A new friendship plunges her into a magical adventure to save the world from nuclear annihilation. (Grades 5-8)
public school superhero.jpg
Public School Superhero
James Patterson (YA PATTERSON)
Kenny Wright imagines himself as a world famous superhero but in the real world, he’s a sixth-grade Grandma’s boy who struggles to fit into his public school in Washington, D.C. (Grade 4-6)
sword of summer.jpg
Sword of Summer [Series]
Rick Riordan (J & YA RIORDAN)
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. Magnus Chase, a homeless boy living in Boston, finds out he is the son of a Norse God. (Grade 5+)
my secret guide to paris.jpg
My Secret Guide to Paris
Lisa Schroeder (YA SCHROEDER)
Nora always wanted to go to Paris with her grandmother, but then her grandmother dies and her dream dies with her. Then she finds three airline tickets in an old trunk… (Grade 5-7)
Liar and Spy.jpg
Liar & Spy
Rebecca Stead (YA STEAD)
Georges has just moved into an apartment in New York City. His new friend Safer is a self-appointed spy, who hires him to keep an eye on ‘Mr. X’ upstairs. As any good spy will tell you, things are not always as they seem. (Grades 5-8)
The Mysterious Benedict Society.jpg
The Mysterious Benedict Society [Series]
Trenton Lee Stewart (YA STEWART)
The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened…where they train you to be a criminal mastermind. (Grades 5-9)
Raina Telgemeier
Catrina and her family are moving close to the sea because her sister has cystic fibrosis and the cool, salty air will help her illness. Soon the girls discover ghosts nearby trying to reunite with their loved ones… (Grade 4-8)
Uglies (series).jpg
Uglies [Series]
Scott Westerfeld (YA WESTERFELD)
Everyone in Tally’s world gets to be supermodel gorgeous. But it’s a nightmare, not a dream. (Grades 6+)

Non Fiction

i am malala.jpg
I am Malala
Malala Yousafzai (921 YOUSAFZAI)
The story of a Pakistani student who fought for girls' education in a Taliban controlled area, and survived an assassination attempt. She also became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. (Grade 6+)